Afghan American Business alliance

Executives Members

Executives Members


Olivia Hall

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Kylo James

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Sharon J. Matos

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Derek A. Howard

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Founder/Executive Director
Suliman Basir
Suliman Basir is a business and operating executive with over 20 years of experience in business, project management and consulting. He has a strong background in trade, transit, contract, sales, and commercial laws.
Mr. Basir is the founder and CEO of LA Trader Inc a business and operation consultancy that are specialized in businesses and investment consultants.
Before devoting his full time to LA Trader Mr. Basir has held a number of high ranking leadership positions in the Government of Afghanistan and well-known international organizations such as USAID and the United Nations, Mr. Basir has served as a Diplomat in the government of Afghanistan, Executive Director of Afghan American Chamber of Commerce, Chief Operation Officer of joint project between  USAID, JICA, and government of Afghanistan, Chief of staff to the Senior Advisor to the Afghanistan president and minister of Commerce and Industry and General director of the Afghanistan Business Central Registry.  
Mr. Basir has completed his MBA through the University of Phoenix California United States. 
Business Department Director
Assad S Farhad
20 years of civil service, management, marketing, leadership, strategic planning and expertise in economics, sustainable economic development for rural areas, developing business ideas and business plans for creating rural self- employment and insurance management. An economic, and cultural/historical SME on Afghanistan, and Central Asia.  Served in several positions with the World Bank, and the private sector in both consultant and technical SME billets. Taught Dari and Pashto at DLI and Public Policy at the Bellevue University, Nebrask
Mr. A. Farhad has sought as  Professor  American University of Afghanistan,  President- Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s first privately owned, multi-line insurance company,  Lead Economic Advisor- in Presidential Campaign of Hedayat Amin- Arsala who was then the Senior Minister in the Afghan Cabinet, World Bank Advisor to the Ministry of Mines under the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project
Mr. Farhad has received his Master degree form State University of New York, Albany, N.Y, MPA in Development Administration in 1980 and from American University of Beirut, Lebanon, BA in Political Science and Public Administration 1972
Board of Director

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Social Media and outreach Officer
Safa Nabizada

Safa Nabizada is an Afghan-American activist that is passionate and driven towards achieving a brighter future for all. In specific, she has worked in the non-profit sector on multiple projects that have accounted towards aiding young Afghan students and underprivileged families in Afghanistan. Now, as she graduates with a bachelors in Political Science and heads into her journey towards law school, she hopes to use her skills, experience, and most importantly her passion for humanitarian aid to continue uplifting her community.


Program and Outreach Coordinator

Sonik Sadozai

Ms. Sonik Sadozai is a well-known activist and humanitarian within the Afghan American diaspora community who has dedicated her time, talent, and energy to improving people’s lives and prospects. At the core of Ms. Sadozai’s belief and view of life is service to humanity delivered with care, compassion, respect, and integrity, which she has incorporated into every facet of her life, personally and professionally. Ms. Sadozai’s family emigrated to the US from Afghanistan immediately after the Soviet invasion. Recognizing the importance of a solid educational foundation from her youth, Ms. Sadozai immersed herself in pursuing her high school and college education. She has had a rich and diverse career in the hospitality, property management, and healthcare industries, where she has managed complex and multi-faceted projects and led large teams of professionals. She has been recognized for her professional achievements with numerous prestigious awards. Professionally, while Ms. Sadozai is well known for her creativity, organizational and management skills, and diligence, her true passion has always been to bring those attributes to the service of humanity. Her involvement with the Afghan diaspora community started with hosting a cultural program on an Ariana Afghanistan TV station, which had audiences across the globe, and her show quickly rose to prominence and viewership. She complimented this effort by establishing her own charity organization, the Afghan Women Center for Excellence, where the focus was on empowering and giving women voice through education. Ms. Sadozai was an invited speaker at multiple Universities across the US, both as a representative of Afghan women and as an advocate for women’s rights. In addition to her rich professional career and involvement in humanitarian efforts, another important pillar in Ms. Sadozai’s life has been and continues to be her strong faith in God and Islam, which has always grounded her and provided her with a spiritual perspective. She has also been a volunteer at local mosques and religious events. Ms. Sadozai's formula for success has been hard work, diligence, and a deep-rooted passion for service to humanity. All these attributes are complimented by a humble and golden personality which has won both her love and respect from her friends and the community at large.