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About Afghan American Business Alliance

The Afghan American Business Alliance (AABA) creates a better business environment for its members and the business community by sharing knowledge, networks, and opportunities.


The Afghan American Business Alliance envisions a world where forcibly displaced refugees can use their skills and talents to establish a good life now, and a better life tomorrow. Most refugees have marketable skills. But, unfortunately, in countries where they find themselves at a loss when it comes to showing or using their skills. Hence, they are relegated to public assistance roles where they and their families languish in a state of permanent uncertainty and dependence.
The Afghan American Business Alliance, by engaging the government refugee servicing organizations, the business sector, and the local communities, will create a safe, legal pathway that will enable the refugees to transition from welfare to “workfare,” and to resume their careers, and rebuild their lives with dignity.


We have made it our mission to steer welfare recipients away from public assistance rolls towards gainful self-employment that offers dignity, self-esteem, short hours, and a living income. We will match skilled refugees with local companies in need of their skills as well as introduce them to business opportunities for establishing their own businesses, and giving them a chance to rebuild their careers and lives. We will share our learning so that others can access the pathway we are opening, Our model can be replicated nationwide. We will also expand our business model to restore justice-impacted individuals with dignified ways of smooth reentry, and re-integration into society.
Our mission is to empower various business individuals, families, and youths to take control of their destinies and function productively by providing them with the necessary resources to make their dreams come true. Our mission includes maintaining networks of communication and cooperation between Afghan American Business Alliance members and serving the community by creating innovative businesses, jobs, and opportunities for all. 


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